3 DIY Pet Memorabilia

3 DIY Pet Memorabilia


We’ve all experienced the sadness of losing a beloved furry family member, or at least know someone grieving a deceased pet. It’s hard no matter what. There are so many great ways to remember your pet, though. Pictures, turning their favorite toy into memorabilia, using their collar to decorate a little pot to put plants in. The ideas are endless, really! Here are three ideas to keep your pet at home, even when they can’t be with you anymore.

Dog Collar Planter

dog collar planterThis one works best if your dog’s collar was bigger but will work too if you had a little dog! Buy a small plant pot, on that your dog’s collar will fit around. Buy some potting soil and a plant of your choosing, such as a little succulent or two, some flowers, or even some herbs.

When you get home, bring out that hot glue gun and carefully draw a line of glue along the back of the collar. Place the collar along the edge of the pot and hold to allow the glue to set. Buckle the collar to fit the bowl and glue the end of the collar down. You can personalize this more by carefully painting your dogs name on the bowl. You can even do this for your cat, if you had a collar on your cat!

Plant your foliage of choosing and place by the window, or in your pet’s favorite spot. Now, you have a piece of your loved pet in your home, and what a better way than to give it a new life of sorts!

Shadow Box

This is something that you can do with any pet, collar or no collar. If you have a bird, you can place his or her favorite toy or mirror in the box.Pet shadow box

All you need to do, is order a shadow box and when it comes in, you decorate it like you would a page in a scrap book. Use your pet’s collar, favorite toy, some pictures and few little words of fun times and loving memories you have. You can make this as simple or as extravagant as you like.

Memory Box

Somewhat like the shadow box, you could make a memory box. Buy a small wooden box from your local art supplies store along with some paints, brushes and whatever else you would like to use to decorate it. When you get home, decorate the outside of the box with your pet’s name, and whatever else you would like that would help you think of your fluffy friend. Inside the box, put your pet’s favorite toy, collar, leash, food and water bowls, some pictures or whatever you want to place inside. Whenever you feel the need to visit your friend, you can go and open the box and feel almost as if he or she is still there with you.Pet Memory box

If you aren’t the artsy type, you can order one from amazon and have them personalize it. Click here if you want to do that!

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